Meet Testing Cup 2018 jury member- Kamila Mrozek

We are proud to introduce to you Kamila Mrozek– TestingCup 2018 jury member. According to what she says, TestingCup has a special place in her heart. 4th edition in 2016 was her first championships ever. Last year she had three roles to play: contestant, speaker and ordinary participant. During TestingCup 2018 she honored us with her involvement as the Referee Commission member. The Commission which will supervise the course of the Championship, evaluate the work of the participants as well as select the Championship winners.

Kamila is a quality engineer at Objectivity in Poland. She suffers from Tester Hyperactivity Disorder – she tries to be present absolutely everywhere, learns quickly and constantly search for new ways to improve her testing. Some say, that her creativity is boundless. She believes that impossible is nothing. Her motto is “I cannot do it? Hold my coffee”. Despite the critical approach to software, she remains a tireless optimist. Privately her passions are long and short distance traveling with casual and competition gun shooting.

To know if or how Kamila enjoyed TestingCup 2017 please visit: TestingCup 2017 with Kamila’s eyes