Meet Testing Cup 2018 Speaker Ard Kramer

It is time to introduce our next Testing Cup 2018 speaker- Ard Kramer. As a Principal Test Consultant and a volleyball coach he applies the knowledge from sport psychology into testing performance. During his presentation he wants to make the audience aware of their mental capacities. What is more, Ard will show mental tools or abilities that influence above mentioned capacities in order to reach the test flow.

Ard Kramer is focused on new developments in testing and looks how innovations can be used in testing. As a sport coach, he must keep up with the latest developments and therefore he followed a course „sport psychology”. With this knowledge he saw a connection how to improve as a tester and therefore he wants to present his insights to the testing community.

Do you want to be more aware or your mental capacities and realize what kind of mental tools and exercises they can use to reach the ultimate state of testing: the test flow? Join us during Ard’s presentation!

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