Meet Testing Cup 2018 speaker Krzysztof Chytła

Let us introduce to you our next TestingCup 2018 speaker, Krzysztof Chytła. If you have ever enjoyed Dolby’s audio, visual, and voice technologies Krzysztof will tell you how they are transforming the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences. What is more he would like to unveil some of the mysteries and share their ways of working, best practices, unorthodox testing approaches, tools and skills.

Krzysztof Chytła took an adventurous journey from a junior tester to a department manager. He is a leader, learner, speaker and coach passionate about people and making them successful. As a side gig, Krzysztof used to run c0re and Quale magazines on software engineering, quality assurance, testing and requirements engineering as a hobby.

If „it works” is not enough for you join Krzysztof’s presentation. You will be introduced to „it’s amazing” quality method!

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