Meet Testing Cup 2018 speakers- Christopher Chant and Ash Winter

We are happy to introduce to you two of our TestingCup 2018 speakers- Christopher Chant and Ash Winter who will help you to recognise the common terminology used in the stubs, fakes, spies and mocks domain. What is more you will understand the difference between them through their characteristics and use cases.

In this workshop, the group will explore mocks, stubs, fakes and spies. You’ll come away with ideas on when these techniques are appropriate, how to gradually build up features in the tools you create to mimic services and you will know just how quick it is to go from idea to working tool.

Christopher  is a determined and passionate test professional with experience across multiple domains. He has learned to embrace all parts of the development lifecycle as learning opportunities: working in business analysis, development, testing and coaching roles in an attempt to help teams grow and deliver.

Ash is a learning tester, conference speaker, unashamed internal critic, with an eye for an untested assumption or claim. Veteran of various roles encompassing testing, performance engineering and automation either as a team member delivering mobile apps and web services or a leader of teams and change.

So is life a riot with stubs, fakes, spies and mocks? Join the workshop to get the answer!