Meet TestingCup 2018 speaker- Łukasz Rosłonek

It is a pleasure to introduce to you our next TestingCup 2018 speaker- Łukasz Rosłonek. During his talk you will explore various techniques of safe and efficient production testing with involvement of end users. You will walk through real-live examples of solutions and test architecture used by industry leaders. What is more, you will learn how to take advantage of distributed architecture, provide test isolation, gather end-users feedback and assure high-availability of the software.

Łukasz is a dedicated Test Engineer who advices teams in implementing continuous delivery practices with use of test automation and TestOps practices. He specializes in testing distributed architecture and connecting agile mindset with top notch technology. After hours, a guitar nerd and a books fan.

So if you want to know if testing in production is a future or antipattern, join us during Łukasz’s talk!

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