Meet the Speaker | Adrian Gonciarz | TestingCup 2019

We’re starting our series “Meet the Speaker” for TestingCup 2019.

The first speaker we’d like to announce is Adrian Gonciarz, QA Lead at Synerise, where he takes care for testing process and its automation as well as introducing the positive quality culture.

Adrian invites you to the Tester’s Roulette. Sounds not serious enough? Do not allow yourself to be misled – Adrian will focus on what game theory teaches us about testing. He will let you understand interactions and behaviors present in software testing, and focus on time distribution during regression testing.

By basic terms of game theory and the “Hotelling beach” model he will show how competition works and why we tend to occupy space close to our competitors.


We decided to ask Adrian a few questions.

TestingCup: Don’t you think we overcomplicate software testing?
Adrian: We do. That’s because we still think about outdated attitude and tend to focus more on „what the book says” instead of the aim and business priorities.

TC: What helps you in the decision-making process?
A: Simplifying questions.

TC: The first thing you do when you get to work is…?
A: Say “hi” and shake hands with everyone in my room 😉

TC: How do you see the role of a tester in 10 years?
A: We’re gonna have two kind of testers: „cannon fodders” used for simple, repeatable tasks (also writing automated tests) and highly-skilled cross-functional specialists who can talk with business, devs, admins, deploy stuff, test and monitor. Mentors and elastic spec-ops.

Meet Adrian at TestingCup 2019