MrBuggy 7 available!

We know how long you have been waiting to see Him released.

Here he is – the biggest Enemy of Software Testers…

Tested at 2019 edition of TestingCup!
Defeated in a tough combat by the Champions!
MrBuggy 7!

MrBuggy 7 has a potential not only for GUI testing, but also API testing. The application has been published together with the functional specification and instructions on how to test API with Postman.

API is active already at launching, which can be used to query and modify data in the application. It helps in testing, but you can also find many defects in it.

Thanks to the provided “How to …” instruction, it’s easy to start the adventure with API testing.

Other materials from the Competition, including the list of defects and sample test plans are still about to be published.

The application is available at