Where to stay- Testing Cup 2018

source: UMŁ
source: UMŁ

Did you start to plan your visit in Łódź for TestingCup 2018? Do not forget that we prepared for you a varied offer of hostels and hotels.
To fit your needs we suggested the wide range of accomodations. The prices start from 64 PLN up to 390 PLN for single room and from 87 PLN up to 440 PLN for twin room.
Please use promo code “TestingCup 2018” when making your phone and email reservation.
All the above mentioned hostels and hotels are located in the city center and are close to the venue where the championship and conference will take place.
To learn more please visit: http://testingcup.pl/venue.html



Photo thanks to City Hall in Łódź