Win a free ticket to TestingCup 2018!

You can’t afford to buy a ticket, but you think you’ve got what it takes to be a champion? Don’t worry! For each round of registration there is a pool of free tickets available. Those who are able to show us their motivation and skills will be awarded.

Here we go, with the first challenge – „Test

What you need to do:

– test our website ( and prepare a test report (according to TestingCup Judges guidelines from previous TestingCup competitions). Do not test security and site and server performance. Also, please skip ,„Participant Zone” and Newsletter functions. If you include those tests in your report, you will be disqualified.

– send us your report to by Wedneday, 24 January, 23:59.

The winners will be announced on Monday, 10:00 am via our website.

The winners will receive a free full pass to TestingCup 2018 (which allows to take part in both championship and conference). There are 4 tickets to win in this challenge.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Please remember that you should test, but not

Please note, that the winners of the contest will not be able to represent their company in the competition. The winners cannot transfer the right to the award onto any third parties.