Meet Testing Cup 2018 speaker- Beren Van Daele

Meet our next TestingCup 2018 speaker- Beren Van Daele who will tell us about modelling learning and testing process. During his talk you will acquire insight into different learning styles. You will understand how those styles impact your testing. You will also have a model of reference to communicate with your colleagues and you will be triggered to inspect your own test process to see whom it benefits and whom it alienates.

Beren is a test coach, advisor, trainer and motivator. He is a software tester from Belgium who shapes teams and testers to improve on their work and their understanding of testing. He is an organizer of BREWT: the Belgian Peer conference and test meetup in his hometown: Ghent, the creative brain behind TestSphere and speaker at multiple conferences.

If you want to get to know useful learning theories that will make you look differently at your testing process and how you test, do not miss Beren’s talk.

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