Meet Testing Cup 2018 speaker- Dawid Bałut

Have you heard abour DevSecOps? Do you know how to implement one in your company for better team’s efficiency? Dawid Bałut, our next TestingCup 2018 speaker, will share his experience with implementing automated Static and Dynamic Application and Systems Security Testing. This is something that is being done by large and modern corporations such as Netflix, Facebook but lots of organisation lack the know-how of how to achieve automated security testing.

Dawid Bałut became a security engineer to make world a safer place. He believed into DevSecOps before it became a big thing and worked on incorporating it into engineering culture at Egnyte. On a side he shares his knowledge with the community, among others by making videos on his youtube channel, so that everyone can benefit from his experience. He

If you want to know why each organisation needs internal security processes, penetration tests, bug bounty program and what tools can be used to get yourself started, Dawid’s session is exactly what you need.

To learn more about Dawid and his talk please visit: