Meet TestingCup 2019 Platinum Sponsor – Sii

TestingCup wouldn’t be such an exceptional event if not our Sponsors. That is why we are proud to introduce to you our Platinum Sponsor – Sii.

Employing over 4000 specialists, Sii is the leading provider of IT and engineering services in Poland, delivering solutions to business partners from all around the world. The company cooperates with more than 200 clients – from Canada, USA, Japan and Western Europe. Sii specialists carry out projects for leading companies from: financial services, banking & insurance, hi-tech, electronics, telco, OEM, retail, consumer products, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, aerospace, media, communication, e-commerce and other sectors.

According to the Computerworld’s Top 200 Report and Testing Magazine ranking for 2018, Sii is the leading testing services provider in Poland. The Sii team counts over 800 testers, most of whom hold professional certificates. The core of Sii’s testing experts is the Testing Competency Center, which carries out projects for nearly 100 clients (almost half of them for foreign companies).

Testing Competency Center provides a complete range of testing services for web applications, web services as well as mobile and desktop applications. It supports its clients in Digital Transformation, adopting Agile and DevOps through Continuous Testing. Automatic tests, performed for customers, focus on the UI and API, which allows to increase the test automation rate on the project up to 90.

For the last 13 years Sii has been gaining complex knowledge necessary to support clients in optimizing testing costs through the implementation and execution of automated tests, selecting the best testing tools and implementing efficient processes.

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