Meet the Speaker | Marcin Sikorski | TestingCup 2019

Let us introduce our second Speaker at TestingCup 2019, Marcin Sikorski – the most recognized and popular expert on the Internet of Things in Poland! This time Marcin will tell us about the dark side of the IoT…

Some people glorify IoT, believing that it will revolutionize industry and the world before our eyes. In fact, we are living in an era of houses made of glass. Our emotions, behaviors and habits are monitored, tracked and analyzed 24/7. At the same time, we are becoming prisoners of our own indifference.


Does IoT shound interesting to you, too? We decided to ask Marcin a couple of questions about his passion.

TestingCup: What got you interested in IoT?
Marcin: IoT is the most diverse, creative, amazing and interesting tech industry in the past few years. No doubt I want to be one of the first people who will be a part of this great tech world.

TC: Don’t you think that IoT needs a switch to turn it into a manual mode?
M: I think it needs more discussion about importance of data, AI and security in the first place.

TC: Do you have any role models or individuals who inspire you?
M: Bernard Marr. Definitely someone I wish to become one day.

TC: How do you imagine the world in 100 years?
M: If we won’t destroy ourselves I believe it will be a holistic world based on data and AI. But of course the shape and form of this transformation is in our hands.

Meet Marcin at TestingCup 2019