Meet the Speaker | Niranjani Manoharan | TestingCup 2019

We’re happy to introduce another speaker who’s joined our Conference forces!

Niranjani Manoharan gained her experience at both startups and well established companies like eBay, Twitter and Pinterest. She’s an enthusiastic engineer passionate about writing code to break applications.

At TestingCup Niranjani will share her experience driving mobile test automation from rags to riches, other words – turning it into a Cinderella story. However, don’t let it mislead you – the story is pretty real…

Are you interested in how she sees the role of a tester in 10 years?

TestingCup: Do we need to build a team around automation or around quality?
Niranjani: Yes, we do need a team in place in order to deliver a high quality product. The team could either be a bunch of quality engineers with automation experience or at least a couple of engineers who can build a test framework for the rest of the team to consume it.

TC: Are you an after-hours Tester?
N: Yes, I’m an after-hours tester. That’s the only way we can ensure our customers are getting a good experience. Using the product as part of your daily life gives rise to scenarios which wouldn’t be part of the smoke/regression test suites!

TC: How do you see the role of a tester in 10 years?
N: Testers will need to adapt to the changing technologies. As of today we have AI based bots that do intelligent fuzzy testing. It is still a hard problem to extract the domain knowledge from a tester’s brain and train the bot accordingly. Testers will be in need until we solve the even harder problem: the predictable resilient paradox!

TC: Poland – three things that come to your mind.
N: Hospitality of people, delicious food & Polish Vodka!

Meet Niranjani at TestingCup 2019