Testing Cup 2018- review of the conference agenda

Registration for the Championship is closed. But it is not over yet! We would like to invite you for the TestingCup 2018 conference. An exceptional testing conference in Poland. The participants are invited to listen to presentations, take part in workshops, observe the Championship and enjoy our after party. The agenda of the conference was reviewed by Radosław Smilgin and we are proud to publish it below.

The agenda of the testing conference has already been published, the conference which escaped from the Polish definition of the testing conference long time ago.
Although we have known presentations and speakers for a few days, it took me some time to think it over and calm down after the first euphoria. At the TestingCup, there are things that are out of my control and a fields where I hope that the people with whom I work will realize our ideas. One of those fields is agenda of the event. The idea that has been rising for years was to create the event that would be strongly connected to context in testing. Context Driven School is almost unknown in Poland. At the beginning of testing in Poland it was covered by test certificates and formal school. The idea of confirming skills by answering questions based on learned rules in a statist and bureaucratic state was accepted perfectly. CDT, however, is different because there are no certificates in it and there are no best practices and ready-made solutions. More than following the usual paths it encourages us to analyze the deep context and understanding of every single factor that surrounds our project and product. This is not an easy approach, but it is the only one that is right.
The agenda has many accents referring to the contextual checking of the software. The program committee, whose head Rob Lambert and Michał Stryjak popularize this approach, has a great merit here. The choice of speakers (out of 100 applications!) led the conference on the right track.
The presence and presentations of the key figures of this trend in Poland I see as a huge success. Of course I think about Michael Bolton whose work with James Bach puts a new foundation for modern testing. I am thinking also about two speakers who raised me as a tester. Co-authors of The Test Eye Henrik Emilsson and Rikard Edgren. They are the authors whose works I was reading and translating with passion.
Between these two speeches, we will have many topics that more or less refer to the context of testing. But all of them refer to the theoretical future of testing, which has already become the present, which is described by the slogan of the conference “Future is here”. There will be specific topics like testing a Boeing simulator, virtual reality verification, and testing of robots. The whole event will be opened by presentation given by Aleksandra Przegalińska’s who works on Artificial Intelligence at MIT.
The next day is full of knowledge and slogans that touch (or will touch soon) our work. There will be shift left, DevOps (DevSecOps), professional production testing, sketchnoting, mob testing and much more. Personally, I am waiting for a lecture on how to ensure spectacular experiences for our clients by taking care of quality.
There are not many presentations on the agenda, but each of them is conducted by important speakers and raises an important tester aspects. Among the topics you will not find anything that normally appears on other Polish conferences. Few Polish speakers present completely new topics. The Committee was looking for freshness, modernity and interesting approaches to testing. This year it was found among speakers from abroad.
On the one hand, I regret that there are so few Polish speakers, but on the other hand, new interesting speakers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most of them you already had the opportunity to see and hear at other Polish events. I appreciate the fact that 100% of the conference is in English. It gives us the opportunity to meet and talk with people who are not very often hosted in our country, and for many of them it will be the first opportunity to meet Polish testers community.
The TestingCup conference agenda is unique and provides a new value. It does not go in the direction of negating the role of testing and pushing it into automation, but it shows what it really is and what value it gives. It is focused on software testing craftsmanship looking to the future.

To read the original review please visit: http://testerzy.pl/wiesci-ze-swiata-testerow/testincup-2018-agenda