TestingCup – Qualifications for Championship

Attention! Attention! Quite unexpectedly, we announce that in less than two weeks we start the qualification process for the largest Software Testing Championship in this part of the Galaxy!

So far, the tasks you faced were as hard as testing browser plugins, documentation tests and competition “first come (sign up), first served”. This year we decided to qualify only these testers with nerves of steel and fast hands. That’s something new in our TestingCup community. Qualification process will be online and will take by the handful crowdtesting and pay-per-bug model (just without “pay”).

Imagine that, differently than before, you struggle not only with yourself and time. Now you also compete with others. Not only do you have to find valuable defects, but you also need to report them first. Not only do you see your own reports, but also your competitors’ reports and if you’re the second (the third, the fourth…) to report the same, you risk getting negative points.

But that’s not all. We have a real, 24 hour testing marathon for you with not 1, not 2, but with a minimum of 6 applications to test! We will be introducing new challenges at fixed times. If you’re a testing maven, a few hour round will be enough for you to place you on the podium, but if you want to be sure of your victory, don’t miss any of them.

We have prepared such a testing bloodbath we are afraid… nobody will sign up. However, if you are ready for the first major 2019 challenge, then:

  • form a 3-person squadron or gather in a one-man team,
  • get ready for registration between 28 and 31 January,
  • get ready for the Competition, starting on 1 February (12:00) and ending on 2 February (12:00),
  • open your wallet wide and if you see that the payday’s far, do not worry because everything is for free (however, if you will be qualified, you will need to buy a ticket to the Championship),
  • we have only 500 places for the qualification process, and only 350 places for the Championship (100 teams and 50 individual competitors),
  • if you know Mrs Mantis, it is possible that she will help you in reporting.


Sleep well if you were on the podium at previous editions, because you’ll be qualified without a fight.

We hope that many of you will join the Competition.

Mr Buggy Pure Evil with his Family is waiting for you!