Meet Testing Cup 2018 speaker- Emma Lilliestam

Meet our TestingCup 2018 speaker- Emma Lilliestam who will take us back in time 100 years until her great grandfather’s boat accident. Do you think there are parallels between that accident and Emma’s work as an agile tester? She will argue that the IT business is about as mature as the physical engineering branches were a 100 years ago, and a combination of the GDPR and agile methods is our best hope of changing from a Wild West business to something more modern.

Emma Lilliestam is a security researcher and agile tester working at House of Test in Sweden. She has spoken at various conferences, including being the keynote of Passwordcon 2016. She is also a co-founder of ada_conf.

Do not miss your chance to learn why computer engineering differs from any other kind of engineering! Come and join us during Emma’s session!

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