Win a free ticket to TestingCup – Academic Task

Here we go with another chance to win a free TestingCup ticket!

A new challenge is different than the first one and we call it an “Academic task”. We would like to ask you to do a study. 

We want you to analyse sources and publications about software quality with focus on one of the following issues:

  • it is possible to predict the number of defects in the software (please explain method and techniques and show an example)
  • testing can prove that the software is free from defects (how this can be done?)
  • defects clustering exist (and can be proved).

Prepare the study with quotes from sources confirming (or denying) one of the above mentioned theses. You need to find a minimum of 5 (different) reliable sources / publications / studies.

You must refer to at least one book about software quality.

This competition is only for individuals (not for teams). One author per study.

It is allowed to prepare more than one study but you are still able to win only one ticket.

Best studies may be published with credentials to the authors on website

Language of your study: English or Polish

Please send us your study to by Thursday, March 1st, 23:59.

The winners will be announced on Monday, 5th of March, 10:00 am via our website.

The winners will receive a free full pass to TestingCup 2018 (which allows to take part in both championship and conference). There is a maximum of 4 tickets to win in this challenge.

Good luck!

Please note, that the winners of the contest will not be able to represent their company in the competition. The winners cannot transfer the right to the award onto any third parties.