Meet Testing Cup 2018 speakers- Kamila Gawrońska, Daniel Dec, Wojciech Gawroński, Tomasz Wierzchowski

Testing strategy can be challenging. Meet our next TestingCup 2018 speakers Kamila Gawrońska, Daniel Dec, Wojciech Gawroński and Tomasz Wierzchowski who will tell you how to ease that challenge.

During their workshops you would try to prove that test strategy and planning is a process not a bunch of dead documents. You will have an occasion to create test strategy in a group for a given problem (software project). Each group will be fed with a set of hints from different worlds. You will judge which one are useful and which are not. Finally, you will compare strategies strong and weak points, see which is better in which area. They will also answer what are sources of useful hints.

Kamila is an engineer to the blood and bones. For more than 6 years she has worked in various roles – working as a QA, UX Designer and Business Analyst in various domains (construction, automotive, healthcare) and projects. Dedicated Agile evangelist and advocate of full-stack employee attitude, represented by developing interdisciplinary skills in a team. She even uses IT even in the kitchen, what is visible on her blog.

Daniel has been cooperating for 10 years in software projects in delivering right quality software in different roles, different technologies and different level of projects. Breaks quo status. Tries to be technology agnostic. Believes that everything is possible, it’s just the matter of costs and effort. Looking forward to expand DevOps culture in software development. Drums player amator, the same as football player, the same as good beer consumer and maker.

Wojciech strongly believes in Cloud Computing and DevOps culture – he transformed several companies into those areas. He is not afraid to change hats when there is a need for it, as he strongly believes in full-stack employee attitude. In the spare time he is giving talks on various IT-related meet-ups and conferences, co-organizing meetups in Silesian region, blogging and reading a lot of books.

Tomasz is an engineer with years of experience in software quality assurance. Speaker and trainer on Polish testing conferences (e.g. Quality Excites, Testwarez, Agile & Automation Days). Currently working for Future Processing as a Technical Advisor. On everyday work supports teams in keeping high quality of software. After hours, marathon runner and mountain lover.

Join us during the workshops to design effective approach of assuring quality in the real life project and check how it works for you.

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Kamila GawrońskaDaniel DecWojciech GawrońskiTomasz Wierzchowski.