Meet TestingCup 2018 speaker- Erik Hörömpöli

Are you brave enough to experience a real mob in action? If so, meet our next TestingCup speaker- Erik Hörömpöli. During the workshop he will put Mob testing into your reality, you will see the setup and get a feel for the dynamics. You will run into the problems and questions of the beginner and Erik will attempt to solve and answer them. With a retrospective in the end you will learn where mobbing would be most and least useful in software development.

Erik is a software tester. As he says, he enjoys and actively builds on the variety of things one can do as a tester: he visits clients, asks for test ideas from people at support, Mob developes with his team or organizes a company-wide testing mini-conference. He’d like to spend more time with looking at production logs and find problems through them.

So if you still don’t know if you are brave enough, please visit to learn more: