Win a free ticket to TestingCup 2018 – Humanistic Task!

The registration for championship is closed but we want to give you the last chance to win a free ticket.

This time something for this part of our community that can sometimes write a different text than the one in the source code.
We ask you to prepare an essay or other piece of writing about your imagination of the future of testing.

  • It can describe the near future of testing.
  • It can reach far into the future.
  • It may be based on the current state of knowledge.
  • It can be abstract and reach for sci-fi.
  • It can be any of the above together.

Your work should have not less than 10,000 characters (including spaces) and no more than 30,000 characters (including spaces).

This competition is only for individuals (not for teams). One author per piece of writing.
It is allowed to prepare more than one piece of writing but you are still able to win only one ticket.
Best work may be published with credentials to the authors on website.
Language of your work: English or Polish

Please send us your work to by Tuesday, 27.03, 23:55 pm
The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 4.04, on 10:00 am on our website and facebook page.

The winners will receive a free full pass to TestingCup 2018 (which allows to take part in both championship and conference). There is a maximum of 4 tickets to win in this challenge.

Good luck!

Please note, that the winners of the contest will not be able to represent their company in the competition. The winners cannot transfer the right to the award onto any third parties.