TestingCup team co-creates MITC

TestingCup Championship has become a prominent event in the IT conference landscape since its inception in 2014. Over the years, TestingCup has attracted thousands of participants from all over the world. During this time, we developed MrBuggy, a family of applications and specifications used for testing education. These resources have served as tasks during subsequent… Czytaj dalej TestingCup team co-creates MITC

New TestingCup announcement

Dear All Bug Hunters! 7th edition of TestingCup was one-off! Mr Buggy, the King of All Failures, showed off his dark side again, making the competition tough and demanding! He got defeated by a troop of brave Testers, and now, withdrawn, he’s licking his wounds and getting back his strength. He made up his mind… Czytaj dalej New TestingCup announcement